Black Bib Pants XM Coastal Size S

The Black Bib Pants XM Coastal S is a garment that provides optimal sailing either coastally or in another activity which resembles, brings a lot of comfort and feels a very broad comfort because it provides the necessary perspiration, in addition to the ideal flexibility to mobilize in the way you want.

The Black Bib Pants XM Coastal S Size has a manufacturing material which is the polyamide that provides a water repellent coverage with which a mesh-lined design is obtained.

Resists abrasions that can be caused by bumps or problems encountered at the time of navigation and additionally, provides great comfort to use the convenience that gives the fact of having a completely covered zip and flap and ankles that fit to the physiognomy.

Characteristics Black Bib Pants XM Coastal Size S

The Black Bib Pants XM Coastal Size S gives the benefit that inside it is a mesh that covers it excellently.

The pocket that has in the upper part of the leg has a flap that ensures a coverage of the same, in addition to that inside it has a draining mesh which is completely useful

In the ankles has two very useful functions one is that they are adjustable and another that have a lateral closure so there are no problems for it to be placed.

The elastics that the XM Coastal Black Trousers have in the area between the legs is to be flexible without having problems rubbing or breaking the pants.

The knees, being an area that tends to have a lot of movement, are articulated generating that desired flexibility.

When checking the pants we will notice that it has a built-in clip which only serves to hang the breastplate.

The rear part in addition to the knees were reinforced to prevent rupture due to the flexibility placed on both sides.

The seams in the area between the legs were omitted so that this way friction could be avoided between them.

The trousers have two straps which are made with a completely resistant and wide elastic with which its function of being adjustable is done excellently because it was reinforced to generate tranquility to the wearer.

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