Ocean Trousers XM Yachting Yellow T-L

The Ocean XM Yachting Yellow Peto Pant TL is created with the best technology found in the market since it has an anti-rain system so that it has the best protection, apart from a comfort generated by the design of this type of clothing and a greater protection to the water and wind thanks to the material in which it is made.

The Ocean XM Yachting Peto Pants TL has 4 layers of fabric which are placed in a specific way so that it functions in the best way allowing to provide the necessary warmth when using this type of garment and due to this the user feels safe when purchasing it . .

Characteristics Peto Pants Ocean XM Yachting Yellow TL

By obtaining this garment it is guaranteed that it provides the necessary comfort to be used in any boat.

The security that it generates in the different conditions found at sea is completely optimal.

The fabric with which the Ocean XM Yachting Yellow TL Peto Pant was made is polyamide and has four layers to ensure that water does not reach the skin area.

The layers of the trousers achieve in an optimal way that is waterproof.

The transpiration during its use is fully guaranteed in the garment since the fabric with which it was made is breathable.

The Ocean XM Yachting Pants TL Yellow provides a completely fast and trouble-free drying

It has a zipper located on the back of the large block for comfort,

The Ocean XM Yachting Yellow TL Peto Pant was designed completely wide and has an adjustable strap which allows it to reach any size without problems.

Another part that is adjustable is the area of ​​the ankles because it is also manufactured very broadly.

In the back, you can see a loop, but do not worry about it as it dries easily and quickly.

The pocket of the chest was created so that the drainage of water is fast, due to the drainage system that was implanted in addition to the clasps that it has.

Its manufacturing material is polyester which generates a unique comfort

In the groin is a patch which serves to obtain greater movement and durability.

It is totally resistant to rubbing.

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