Cuchillos Náuticos

The Nautical Knives are utensils that are used to make and undo knots and cut ropes, these bring a punch that serves to undo the knots mainly, being able to enter between the adjusted ropes, pushes, and levers, with the Nautical knife you can make a handle improvised on a rope using a special knot for that. There are nautical knives that  serve as equipment for some activities such as diving, of course not for use as a weapon but as a tool.

The stainless Nautical Knife with shackle opener is the one that serves for diving and can also be used for emergencies, for example, if during the diving activity it is the case of getting caught in a net, this knife can solve the problem. Similarly, help a friend who goes through the same situation and the release of marine species that are caught in fishing nets and are abandoned at sea.

This knife helps to save the life of a shark a dolphin or a turtle any of these species that are trapped.

In the nautical stores you can buy this product and not only the knife but a good equipment for diving.

Many users think that a stainless nautical knife is a great option since it is of excellent quality and great utility, the good thing is that the prices are accessible in some of these stores and when buying it a good investment is being made since this product is very necessary on boats and more than anything for those who like to do diving activities.

Another point that could be highlighted is that the nautical knife serves to separate the strands from the strands that are braided, the shackle opens as the name says is to open or close shackles.

A Nautical Knife is very useful can solve an emergency situation and when it is out of the water it also serves to make some repairs, cut the food while on the boat, many use it for this.

Nautical knife characteristics


  • It can be used for many activities on board.
  • Remove hooks and scales
  • Some may work as a saw
  • They are made of stainless steel
  • There are different colors
  • Some have a whistle built into the handle.
  • Serve while practicing some sport at sea.
  • It has a ventilated case.