Equipamiento Náutico Personal.

The Nautical Equipment Personal refers to those items needed for repairs or some other activities on board. If it is the case to sail in a small boat like a sailboat for example, one of the nautical accessories that must be taken into account and must be at hand is the gondola or countermaster chair, it is a consistent device that is used to hang a person from a rope and can perform some activity or resolve unforeseen events that usually occur during the boat.

The gondola allows to raise the sailboat stick in a safer way, the best known models are: Guindola Professional Skeleton has two tool pockets is Nylon with special filling, the classic gondola that has a rigid board to give greater comfort in what It refers to work at height, and the 300 kg cherry, which is reinforced to withstand a lot of weight. In sailboats it is necessary to have a sail repair kit in case they are damaged, the repair is easier.

In a larger ship, the gutter is used to work on the side or in the upper parts of the ends. In all boats there are a large number of ropes that must be adjusted to the needs of the boat, for this purpose knife or nautical knives of different types are used, or also a short electric ropes that are more precise and do not need to be so much strength

In the case of observing the seabed of the boat, you must have an underwater viewfinder bathyscaphe, these prevent collisions, rocks and prevent damage that may occur in the hull.

También existen las bolsas estancas ó funda estancas, estas se utilizan para equipos celulares o Tablet  evitando que las pertenencias o documentos importantes se mojen, los llaveros náuticos flotantes son esenciales, ya que las llaves pueden caerse al agua en cualquier momento imprevisto, de no tener el llavero flotante se corre el riesgo de que al caerse las llaves al mar no haya ninguna posibilidad de recuperarlas.

Características del Equipamiento Náutico Personal

  • Cada uno cumple su función específica y dependiendo de la situación son de gran ayuda.
  • Son de excelente calidad por la fabricación de sus materiales y de gran utilidad a la hora de que se presente alguna situación imprevista en la embarcación.
  • Algunos artículos son multiuso.

The Personal Nautical Equipment refers to the necessary accessories and that you have to have at hand at the time of the boat in the following image you can see one of the aforementioned equipment, they are the floating nautical keychains and can prevent the keys from falling to the sea without any possibility of recovery.